Stardew Valley multiplayer development progresses, includes horse hats for some reason


Doesn’t it feel as if it’s been half of forever since Stardew Valley was supposed to pick up official multiplayer, thereby finally becoming a multiplayer sandbox we can legitimately cover because it’s awesome and we’d like to? It’s actually been almost two years as Chucklefish Games, whom creator Eric Barone brought on to handle the ports and multiplayer, worked on just that, with a late 2017 beta and early 2018 launch planned. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Last month, we learned that the beta is now slated for spring. The latest news is that… work continues. And also hats.

Stardew Valley multiplayer is in QA and bugs are being fixed at a very good pace!” Barone tweeted yesterday. “One of my favorite things in the new update… hats on your horses. They look very good on the horse. Looks pretty natural, actually.”

Meanwhile, he had a simple clapback for a troll who decided to declare the game leftist propaganda.

“I’m here to provide fun/meaningful experiences and explore universal human themes. I want Stardew & all my future games to bring us together, not divide. Has nothing to do with politics.”

Source: Twitter

The whole multiplayer development saga…


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Still wish he worked on the MP before the console ports. -sigh- This is taking forever.

Dread Quixadhal

What I’d really like is a reworking of the xbox/console UI so it feels native and is fun to play with a controller, rather than feeling like you’re clumsily moving a mouse pointer with the joystick (which is what you’re doing). :)