Ever, Jane whiles away the hours playing card games


When you are a part of high society, it comes with certain expectations and customs. Entertainment is not found in slaughtering goblins, but in sitting around a table, sipping tea, and playing a friendly game or two of cards.

The refined and plucky Ever, Jane added a new card table with this week’s open beta update. And it’s not just decorative, either: “Strategy games can help build a strong mind and as such Mrs. Hatch has placed a new gaming table in her entry room. Four players may play together free-form card games, such as Whist.”

The patch also made some improvements to the game world (mostly with decorations) and the interface (stop using slash commands and start using chat channel buttons!).

Ever, Jane’s small dev team said that it will be revealing its future plans soon, which look to include a revised website. Players are being encouraged to send in suggestions for game improvements, and in return, the team will reward these with currency to spend in the game’s marketplace.

Source: Patch notes
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