Darkfall: New Dawn releases state-of-the-game roadmap, says it’s 76% done


Darkfall: New Dawn, one of a pair of indie-led player efforts to keep MMO sandbox Darkfall going after original studio Aventurine abandoned it last year, has a gorgeous new roadmap out this week addressing the current state of the build. Studio Ub3rgames says it believes it’s more than three-quarters of the way done with the game since last summer, with most of the work going toward PvE, combat, PvP, quality-of-life upgrades, and performance. The economy and virtual world, the team admits, has seen the least focus so far. The active players seem pretty pleased!

Most recently, Ub3rgames released patch 3.13, “switching into a higher gear” with what it dubbed “the great magic overhaul.” It’s essentially a complete do-over for the magic system that revamps secondary spell effects as well as adds a preliminary king-of-the-hill village control system, guild perks, armor durability retooling, collision system updates, performance upgrades, and dynamic tombstones, which sound festive and might be worth a relook if you’ve been standing on the sidelines of development.


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Ket Viliano

The highest highs, the lowest lows, DFO was the heroine of video games.

The original game got so much right, and so much so very wrong, totally by accident.

Blinds were a very big part of what they got right, many of which were due to incidental special effects that would block your ( or their ) vision. Several spells were mostly junk aside from the blinding graphics. I hope the fx revamp keeps this crucial aspect in mind.

I would have played the other DFO revamp, but they were using third party anti-cheat, which opens up serious vulnerabilities in the Windows kernal, no way am I going to leave such a service permanently installed on my development machine. First party anti cheat, that is dynamically installed on launch, and removed on shutdown, is just fine. I will trust first party developers to avoid turning their client into a trojan horse, but a third party I trust not at all.

Raimo Kangasniemi

Feel still a bit of pity for Aventurine, but they were very gracious in a way that big companies are not by allowing others to carry their game’s legacy forward.