Ever, Jane improves its frame rate, but its horses be crazy


Quick, what’s your best stat? Is it strength? Dexterity? A wicked high intelligence? Well, if you’re playing Ever, Jane, then you better respec into things like kindness, duty, and the ever-important status. It’s a completely different game world than we might be used to, where tea parties, games of cards, and dinner parties are more important than any dragon raid.

Development for the indie MMO has been coming along slowly (very slowly) but surely along the course of 2019. Back in October, the team upgraded its housing tech and made significant improvement to Ever, Jane’s frame rate and quest system. More buttons have been added to the action bar for various actions you can take in the game, although the developer said that the plan is to hire artists to do it professionally if the funds allow.

If you do try out this game in the current open beta, we’d advise that you avoid taking a ride on a horse carriage. “About six months ago I managed to flip the carriage 360 degrees and I’ve been trying to duplicate it ever since,” the developer said. “When we address carriage physics this sort of thing will throw you from the vehicle where you can be rescued by the next attractive stranger walking past.”

Source: Facebook
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