Mabinogi celebrates 14th birthday, plans server merges and new server too


This weekend’s a big one for long-running anime sandbox Mabinogi: The game is turning 14 years old on Sunday, complete with a full round of festivities. “The 14th anniversary celebration will include an abundance of updates from equipment repair cost reduction to 20% of the original price to Crom Bás dungeon polishing such as increased drop rate and overall dungeon length reduction,” Nexon says. Notably, players can look forward to:

14th Anniversary Night Bazaar – Meet Dero the Eventsman near Festia’s Main Gate and register your main character to participate in this guide quest, receive prizes, and play mini-games. Plus, all characters will be able to receive a 14th Anniversary Check design when issuing a check from the Tir Chonaill bank.
14th Anniversary Quests – Bazaar Experience – This achievement quest rewards players with a special Festival Souvenir Hebona Robe sewing pattern with the opportunity to win a Festival Commemorative Luxury Equipment Bag Box, 20,000 EXP, and 25 instant prize tickets after completing all objectives.
14th Anniversary Quests – Daily Quests: Finding Fruitful Fulfillment – Every day brings a different task for players to compete around the Night Bazaar for rewards. Players will be able to receive Cotton Candy from the Dessert Merchant, play in a variety of mini-games, and embark on great adventures by entering the Cave of Trials.
14th Anniversary Hotdays – Players will be able to receive a special 14th Anniversary On-Time Gift Box every week and receive 10 Night Bazaar Stickers every weekend on Saturday and Sunday by logging in during the event.
Festia Instant Prize Event – Try your luck at the Capsule Machine, located next to Fez in Festia, to open the Instant Prize window with 20,000 gold or one Instant Prize Ticket, which can be gained by participating in certain 14th Anniversary events.

Worth a final note: April 14th will see the servers “fully integrate” – that is to say, merge – in conjunction with the release of a new server called Erinn.

Source: Press release, official site
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