Conan Unconquered delves into co-op mechanics, announces challenge mode feature in new video


Funcom’s upcoming barbarian-based RTS Conan Unconquered is just over a week from release, when it will give players the opportunity to enter the world of Robert E. Howard’s iconic Cimmerian conqueror, where they will build fortresses and defend them against increasingly powerful waves of invaders either on their own or with friends as part of the game’s much-touted co-op mode. To get players pumped up to fight alongside their friends, Funcom has released a new video in which members of the Petroglyph development team — including veterans from the studio’s Command & Conquer days — discuss the challenge of creating an RTS game tailored for co-op and detail how the game’s co-op mode will work.

In cooperative games, each player will control his or her own hero and army, but resources and most buildings will be shared, meaning that players must communicate and coordinate to make efficient use of their materials and structures while also fending off increasingly powerful invaders. And while the game’s co-op mode has certainly spent a lot of time in the spotlight, players with a more competitive streak can make use of the newly announced challenge mode feature, which “allows [players] to create and share a link with the exact same map, settings, and unlockable feats” as in a previous game. They can then share this link with friends to see how they fare against identical challenges and determine who is the mightiest warlord of them all. To learn more about the game’s co-op and challenge modes before Conan Unconquered hits shelves on May 30th, you can check out the new video just below.

Source: Press Release
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