conan unconquered

The MOP Up: KurtzPel’s early access rolls out globally

While it was already accessible to North American players, the anime-styled KurtzPel is now open to a much wider audience thanks to this past...

The Stream Team: A first look at Conan Unconquered

You've read first impressions of Conan Unconquered from Massively OP's Tyler, now come and see MJ's! She's diving into the game for the first...

Not So Massively: First impressions of Conan Unconquered

I don't have any particular attachment to Conan the Barbarian as a franchise. I'm barely even familiar with it, in fact. But I do...

Conan Unconquered slides its release date ahead a day to May 29

Well, this is a pretty different sort of release date adjustment. Conan Unconquered has decided that Thursday, May 30th, is just too round a...

Conan Unconquered delves into co-op mechanics, announces challenge mode feature in new video

Funcom's upcoming barbarian-based RTS Conan Unconquered is just over a week from release, when it will give players the opportunity to enter the world...

Check out 20 minutes of Conan Unconquered co-op in its latest video

You know the only thing better than crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of their women? Crushing your...
Hey dude.

Conan Exiles patch brings balance adjustments, Unnamed City revamp, and Purge tweaks

The latest patch for the PC version of Conan Exiles finally went live this week, and it brought with it an array of quality-of-life improvements,...

Funcom’s Conan Unconquered isn’t an MMO – it’s a strategy game

When Funcom announced last week that it was debuting yet another Conan title, the guessing game was on. Battle royale? OARPG? Mobile? Retro? RPG?...