Conan Exiles patch brings balance adjustments, Unnamed City revamp, and Purge tweaks

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The latest patch for the PC version of Conan Exiles¬†finally went live this week, and it brought with it an array of quality-of-life improvements, balance adjustments, a new world boss, and a revamp to the Unnamed City. New NPC camps have been added across the game’s world, and the difficulty curve for PvE monsters and animals has been “adjusted to better conform with the intended difficulty bands.”

The update also introduced Fragments of Power, providing max-level characters an avenue to obtain additional feat points at endgame. Purges have also been updated to include a wider variety of enemies, and “several parts” of the Purge have been revamped “to improve the core mechanics and make it a more reliable threat.” In addition, the Unnamed City has been reworked “to provide more loot and more challenge” by adding eight new named bosses, multiple minibosses, and new legendary armor and weapons. The devs say that the console versions of the game will be receiving a parity patch to introduce this content as well, but right now, there’s no ETA for when that will happen.

And in other Conan Exiles news, modder Espen Johansen has just released a massive mod entitled The Age of Calamitous. Described as “a complimentary expansion to the main game,” The Age of Calamitous takes Conan Exiles into a medieval world where players can join one of five unique factions, each with its own unique building materials and equipment, and progress up to a significantly raised level cap of 120. If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, you can install the mod through its Steam Workshop page.

And hey, while we’re on the subject of Conan, crusher of enemies and inducer of womanly lamentations, remember last year when Funcom announced it was partnering with Petroglyph to create Conan Unconquered, a strategy game set in the Conan universe? Well, the game has finally been unveiled by way of a new video in which the Petroglyph devs talk about what sets Conan Unconquered apart from other RTS titles and dig into its gameplay. If you’re a big fan of Petroglyph, RTS games, and/or Robert E. Howard’s iconic barbarian, you might be interested in checking out the full video just below.

Source: Patch Notes, Twitter, Steam. Thanks, Kinya!
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