Age of Conan formally announces Saga of Blood PvP server and event


Things are about to get bloody (or bloodier than usual, I suppose) in Funcom’s Age of Conan with the release of a brand-new Saga Server, this time boasting a PvP ruleset. As players had previously predicted, the Saga of Blood server, which will go live on September 27th, is “a new time-limited server running on a PvP ruleset” on which players can roll new characters and “play through a special ‘Saga Quest’ as [they] progress.” As players complete the objectives set forth by the Saga Quest, they will earn exclusive rewards, including cosmetics and high-level PvP gear.

The Saga Quest itself consists of a series of “tiers,” each requiring players to hit a certain level milestone in addition to defeating “several players” in PvP combat. Saga of Blood’s level cap will progress according to these milestones, as well; for the first week of the server, players’ levels will be capped at 18, then 30 the next week, and increasing by 10 levels each week thereafter until it reaches the maximum of 80. As the Saga progresses, players will vie to get their names on the server leaderboard, which tracks “the top 100 players across various categories.”

In addition, each PvP murder committed will also contribute toward the global community goal that, if achieved, will reward everyone on the server with a unique cosmetic reward. When the Saga of Blood concludes, it’ll send wrap things up with a PvP Duel Tournament exclusive to “the top 4 player killers for each class,” who will test their skills against one another in hopes of earning an exclusive cloak, an exclusive title, and of course, good ol’-fashioned bragging rights. You can check out all the details about Saga of Blood over at the game’s official site.

Source: Official site. Cheers, DDOCentral!
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