Age of Conan’s next progression server appears to be Saga of Blood


At the very beginning of 2018, Funcom rolled out a big update for ten-year-old Age of Conan: a “saga” server, basically a temporary progression server of the type popular among older MMORPGs the last few years. While the Saga of Zath server came to its planned conclusion already, the studio was always clear that it wouldn’t be the only one, and that future saga servers would have different rulesets.

Well, now keen-eyed players may have uncovered a bit of what that new saga server is thanks to a hidden message buried in-game underneath the daily rewards screen. Right now, it appears to be named Saga of Blood, at least if everyone’s reading the clues right. That Funcom loves its mysteries. I suppose under those last two crates, it could say “haha jk,” but probably not.

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We played through Zath when it was still live; here was our first look at the first iteration of the server.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Kinya!
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