Destiny 2 offers free loot while denying a moment of triumph

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The latest expansion for Destiny 2 seems to have largely won back the crowd, but the latest news out of the game has been a bit of a good news and bad news scenario. Let’s start with the good news: Players can unlock a free version of the game’s soundtrack with two exclusive tracks by signing up for Bungie Rewards. You’ll have to finish the campaign for Forsaken before the end of the month to unlock it and verify your email, but this is just the start of what will supposedly be many free things you can unlock just by playing the game. Hooray!

The down side is that apparently one of the Moment of Triumph achievements from Forsaken is not something you can unlock just by playing the game; you’re tasked with owning the game’s limited edition, something you couldn’t purchase right now even if you wanted to do so. There’s some player consternation as a result, since this means what is usually a gameplay achievement is locked behind a paywall. (Some players who do own the limited edition are also reporting that it’s bugged, because that just makes everything better.)

Source: VG24/7, PCGamesN
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Dug From The Earth

The latest expansion for Destiny 2 seems to have largely won back the crowd

Ill check back in a month to see how true this actually is. Its an mmo… what matters is what players think later in the game, not what they think 2 days after new content is released.

Denice J. Cook

Activision is getting more unimpressive in their monetary demands every day.

Are they this bad with Call of Duty as well?