Fallout 76’s NPC interactions, construction, and deconstruction (through nukes)

Answer a question, Todd.

Trying to nail down a solid answer about how MMO-ish Fallout 76 will be is a bit like trying to grab an eel in a kiddy pool full of machine lubricant with mittens. A new interview with the team on Game Informer stresses again the idea that every other human being you see in the wasteland will be controlled by a player, relegating NPCs to things like robots whom you cannot have conversations with; at the same time, PCGamesN is reporting that you should be wandering around in huge spaces with a very small number of other players.

So will you be walking into other people or not? It is a mystery. But you will be definitely getting packs of Perk cards with bubble gum to chew for reducing your hunger, so that’s something.

Meanwhile, the latest installments in the Vault-Tec animated series, You Will Emerge, have rolled out this week, the most recent one this week. The first covers crafting and building, while the second covers… well, blowing up all that crafting and building. With nukes.

“In today’s episode, learn to work together with fellow survivors to harness the power of the atom! On your adventures across the untamed wasteland of Appalachia, you may stumble upon fragments of nuclear launch codes. Work together with other survivors, or not, to piece together code fragments and discover the ultimate weapon – nuclear missiles. With great power comes big decisions! Do you take the noble path and help beat back the threat of menacing Scorchbeasts by obliterating the fissures from which they emerge? Maybe you’d rather take aim at your fellow survivors? Whatever your choice, tread carefully in the temporary blast zone – high-level threats stand between you and the area’s rare and valuable materials!”

What could go wrong?

Source: Game Informer, PCGamesN, YouTube
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