Aion has retired its Prestige Pack recurring subscription

Well this is something else.

As of this week, Aion has retired its Prestige Pack recurring subscription system. Prestige Pack subscriptions are no longer available for purchase, and on October 3rd, all auto-renewing subscriptions will be automatically cancelled. Players with a currently active Prestige Pass will be able to continue to take advantage of its benefits and granted items until the items’ time limits expire. Going forward, Prestige Passes will be available only from the in-game store at the rate of 1,200 NCoin for 30 days or 3,200 NCoin for 90 days.

For current subscribers who want to know exactly how this change is going to affect them, NCSoft has published a short FAQ on the official Aion site. The long and short of it is that players who are working toward one of the monthly rewards will receive rewards “based on the month they were in. . . . For example, if you’re on month 3 and working towards your 6 month reward, you will be delivered the 6 month reward via in-game mail.” Unclaimed Prestige Pack codes, as well as any items received from Prestige Packs, will remain usable until they are claimed or until their time limits expire.

“As long as your Prestige Pass is active, you can continue to use and redeem its benefits until the items’ time limit has expired. When it is time to renew your Prestige Pass, it will now be available for purchase in the store for 1,200 NCoin for a 30-day pass and 3,200 NCoin for a 90-day.”

You can find the full details on the change over at the game’s official site.

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