Chronicles of Elyria’s Searing Plague event concludes


Early last month, Chronicles of Elyria kicked off the first of its live community events, The Searing Plague, in which players were able to take part in a sort of in-depth choose-your-own-adventure game via the game’s forums and Discord, where the results would determine the progression of the event’s narrative, which would in turn shape the Chronicles of Elyria game world itself when the game launches. Last Friday, the event drew to its thrilling conclusion, and yesterday the folks at Soulbound Studios posted a new update to reveal the results.

In the end, the players “successfully achieved 6 out of the 8 Cure Bar milestones,” earning themselves five unique Searing Plague in-game item rewards. All “pure” players who participated in the event (i.e., players who had a pledge package) and who performed at least 30 actions during the event will receive five in-game items upon the game’s launch, including a plague mask to ward against “foul miasma” and a new world technology, inoculation, which “will potentially grant players an immunity to a single disease” or, if it fails, give them the very disease they were trying to prevent. In addition, event participants will receive the “Plagueborn” title that can be applied to one of their characters when the game launches. You can read up on the full results of the Searing Plague event over at the game’s official site.


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Paragon Lost

Not a fan of mmos having events etc when they’ve not actually officially released.


So I’m curious will the title be inheritable or will it die with the character you give it to.?

Robert Mann

From their FAQ on the event:
Q8: What happens if we do find a cure?
A8: Congratulations on finding the cure! If the Cure bar reaches 100% before the outbreak grows out of control, each player will gain a title, “Plagueborn,” they can apply to one of their characters. The character that carries this title will be resistant to the Searing Plague and that resistance will be passed on to their children.

Since the clarification on the ‘cure winning’ came out and ensured that the result is based on the bar further along, that means this applies.