Conan Exiles newsletter previews updated map and weapon combos, announces 4x XP PvP event


The latest edition of Conan Exiles’s community newsletter is out, and it’s packed with loads of information about patch schedules, the upcoming updated map, new weapon combos, and this weekend’s live event. The newsletter opens by talking about the game’s patch schedule, acknowledging that although the devs “would like to roll out fixes . . . as soon as [they] can,” they are also “the first to admit that [they] have been guilty of patching too quickly in the past.” As such, going forward, the team plans to patch the game “every 4 to 6 weeks, with one possible hotfix within that 4-6 week period if needed,” which will hopefully strike a good balance between speed and stability in game updates.

Moving on from that, the newsletter provides players with a look at the new-and-improved game map, which now features a grid and coordinate system to help players navigate the world of Conan Exiles with greater ease. The updated map is already in-game on the Testlive branch and will be added to the live game with the upcoming Pets update. Also on display are the new weapon combos, which will also be rolling out with the Pets update. Following the update, weapon combos will now incorporate offhand items such as shields and offhand weapons, and they look appropriately brutal and bloody. Last, but not least, the newsletter announces that this weekend will mark the beginning of a month-long 4x XP PvP event, during which players on PvP servers will earn, you guessed it, quadruple experience.


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3 years ago

I wish Funcom hadn’t abandoned AoC to die instead of stripping it for parts for Exiles. That said, I hope they come up with an expansion for Exiles soon rather than the same old content and “ok fight each other now”. Purges needed some thorough fixing too, last I played.

Dug From The Earth
3 years ago

Is there still no way to easy find/follow/track friends you are playing with?

This was one thing that really turned me off to the game, as it was something my friends and I originally tried playing together, but spent most of our play time simply trying to find each other when one (or more) of us wandered too far off the others screen.

I realize that waypoint markers, and arrows on the side of the screen “arent realistic” but then again, I also dont have a limited 70 degree arc of vision in real life, allowing me to much more easily keep track of people around me.