Conan Exiles is revamping bows and throwing weapons and adding a new katana weapon archetype


With the latest patch on Conan Exiles’s TestLive server, players now have more ways than ever to crush their enemies, see them driven before them, and so on. Whether you prefer to pick off your foes from afar or get up close for some more personal dismemberment, the patch has something for you. Would-be marksmen will be pleased to know that bows have gotten a revamp, making them “faster and more deadly.” The bow’s light-attack combo has been removed and “replaced by a single fast shot with minimal after-shot recovery,” while the heavy attack has been turned into an aimed shot that can be charged, increasing its damage and flattening its trajectory, making it perfect for long-range sniping.

Throwing weapons have also been retooled “with an aim to establish them as a very strong Cripple and damage option for short and mid ranges.” All throwing weapons can now be recovered after being thrown, and they no longer break, so players should no longer have to devote quite as many resources to making sure their supplies are topped off. In addition, throwing weapons now cripple their targets regardless of where the attack lands, and axe throws can now be substituted as “a wildcard replacement for any combo step,” allowing players to mix up their combos to keep enemies on their toes.

The new TestLive update also encourages players to unleash their inner samurai with the introduction of the new katana weapon archetype. Hailing from the far-eastern lands of Yamatai, these curved blades are two-handed weapons “with an entirely new and unique moveset” whose damage “sits comfortably between spears and hammers with an armor penetration equivalent to that of greatswords.” The katana’s light attack combo is quick and deadly, with a finisher that “does damage equivalent to the heavy finisher of other weapons and applies bleed.” The weapon lacks a heavy combo, however, as the heavy attack instead puts the wielder into a special stance that allows him or her to execute the signature dash-and-slash attack that should be familiar to any samurai film fan.

For all the details on Conan Exiles’s latest TestLive patch, you can check out the full patch notes on the game’s official site.


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Yay, i hope bows are viable again other than cheesing enemies.

Grave Knight

A katana, huh, about ten thousand years before there was even a Japan. Or we ignoring that Conan takes place during the Hyborian Age.


Gotta have something cosmetically new
for Imperial East Content Pack 2.

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Aquilonia had knights in steel plate with stirrups, why can’t there be katanas?

Kickstarter Donor

I demand historical accuracy!

Well, I’m off to kill a Basalisk and quell the undead.

Oleg Chebeneev

Dont want to ruin it for you, but Hyboria is fantasy world that has nothing to do with real one.


Not sure what your point is. The hyborian age was made up by the original Conan author(Howard) to circumvent the need to keep historical accuracy.