They’re taking the hobbits to Conan Exiles, where someone rebuilt the Shire

A tremendous accomplishment in whatever field you were trying to pursue.

Well, this is something new. If you were to draw a Venn diagram of the ways that the world of Conan and Lord of the Rings intersect, it wouldn’t have a whole lot of overlap… but you would need to fit this complete recreation of the Shire into the middle. Redditor lolriteok rebuilt the Shire in Conan Exiles, and even better, the build was done without any modifications to the core game.

Obviously, it’s not a perfect recreation of Middle-Earth through the lens of New Zealand, because there’s no way to actually replicate bespoke setpieces in the game… but it is still far better than you would expect given all of those understandable limitations. Check out the whole gallery if you’ve a deep desire to see the ideal spot in Conan Exiles to worry about second breakfast.

The Shire – Conan Exiles Build

Source: Reddit
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