Conan Exiles shows off the Midnight Grove dungeon and the Jhebbal Sag religion


This week’s Conan Exiles community newsletter is all about the new Midnight Grove dungeon and the Jhebbal Sag religion path. The Midnight Grove is a dungeon “meant for a party of several high-level players,” full of dangerous wild creatures, including a particularly brutal bull, and guarded by a werewolf champion of Jhebbal Sag. The dungeon certainly seems to be a suitable challenge, as even the folks from Funcom experienced a few fumbles during their run through the dungeon during the most recent official livestream.

Conquering the dungeon brings worthwhile rewards, however, as “defeating the werewolf and consuming its flesh” (delish) will unlock the sixth and final religion path, the path of Jhebbal Sag, allowing players to create the religion’s altars and religious items and to create and use “special bloodletter knives [that] allow them to extract blood from their victims and sacrifice it to their bloodthirsty master.” They are also capable of crafting “special lures that attract animals and other beasts.” Truly devout disciples of Jhebbal Sag will be justly rewarded, and those who reach the highest level of devotion will earn access to the savage Claws of Jhebbal Sag, a “devastating weapon [that] allows you to truly tap into your inner beast and unleash furious swipes with razor sharp claws, much like Jhebbal Sag’s champion.”

You can check out the full details on the Jhebbal Sag religion path in the official post, or scroll down below to check out the Midnight Grove livestream in all its hour-long glory.

Source: Official site via Twitter. Thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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Mr Ish

This game (on PC) has been growing on me lately. Granted there’s somewhat of a learning curve, but once you’re over that there’s plenty to get stuck in to.

The world looks great, combat is fun, there’s loads to do (I particularly enjoy searching for world bosses and ore!), dungeons look amazing and the base building system is unrivalled in my view.

I do find that you can head off to explore new lands and forget how far you’ve ventured and that you need to get back to the safety of your house before you log off – otherwise you may log back in missing a few items :)

I can’t comment on the PvP servers, as I believe they’re a little more unforgiving. However the PvE-Conflict servers offer a little bit of safety. Once you’ve found your feet you can always make a character on a PvP server anyhow.

7/10 for me so far, maybe a 7.5.