Star Control Origins releases with multiplayer fun


The latest in the beloved Star Control series is finally live with today’s release of Star Control Origins. Stardock’s alternate universe reboot (yes, it’s confusing) aims to capture the goofy humor, bizarre aliens, and freeform space exploration of the 1990s PC games.

“Take command of Earth’s first and only interstellar starship in this exciting open universe space-adventure RPG!” said Stardock. “Your mission? To save Earth… at all costs and by any means necessary. ”

What’s of particular interest is that SCO features online and local multiplayer, as well as the option to create, share, and download missions with other players. The game is $40 and can be purchased on either Steam or GOG, depending on your preference.

Update: When we ran this piece, we didn’t realize what shenanigans Stardock was up to behind the scenes in terms of the legality of this game. Stardock and its CEO stand accused of effectively ripping off the Star Control IP from its original creators. You can read more and help the original creators in their legal fight right here. Thanks to our commenters for pointing this out!
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