Tree of Savior update to introduce new classes, a new dungeon, and more

A big update is coming to Tree of Savior next week, introducing two new classes (with accompanying master quests and class costumes) as well as a brand-new solo dungeon and an array of changes and updates to existing areas of the game. The headliners of this patch, of course, are the new Rank 8 classes — the Pied Piper and the Exorcist. The Pied Piper, part of the Archer base-class’s progression tree, is a flutist whose melodies can control enemies and buff allies. The Exorcist, an advanced class for the Cleric, channels divine energy to “expel evil energies” and “overthrow demonic enemies,” though hopefully there’s no pea-soup vomit involved here.

The new dungeon, called Remnants of Bernice, is a solo dungeon where players at or above level 300 have 15 minutes to progress through multiple stages of monster assaults. Players will be ranked on a leaderboard based on their performances. All players will receive Keista Restoration Potions just for participating, but the top 10 players each week will be rewarded with (presumably valuable) Dimensional Incense Burners. On top of the new content, the patch will also bring changes and additions to Uphill Defense, Gemstone Feud, Guild Quests, and more. If you want to peruse the patch notes in all their glory before the update drops on Monday, July 9th, you can do so over at the game’s official site.


EVE Evolved: Will EVE Online’s Abyssal Deadspace ever be expanded?

EVE Online‘s recent Into the Abyss expansion has managed to grip me in a way that few expansions have, providing a challenging new solo PvE feature that’s as addictive as it is lucrative. Now that players are starting to figure out ship fittings and strategies for taking on abyssal deadspace and it’s being farmed at an increasing rate, the question on many players’ minds is “what comes next?” The Triglavian storyline is far from resolved, and these new size-restricted instances could be expanded on in dozens of different ways to spark a virtual renaissance for small-scale PvE and maybe even PvP.

CCP Games has a long history of making impressive “first steps” like these in new areas of gameplay, but sometimes those ideas don’t go much further and the first steps are the last. Abyssal deadspace could easily become another one shot feature that joins EVE‘s permanent gameplay, just like the Sansha incursions that are still in the game years after they probably should have ended. I seriously hope that CCP doesn’t abandon the feature this time though, as further work on abyssal deadspace has the potential to open up whole new types of gameplay that aren’t available anywhere in EVE right now.

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I theorise about some of the different ways abyssal deadspace could be expanded and how the story of the Triglavian Collective still has a long way to go.

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EVE Fanfest 2018: EVE Online’s upcoming ‘Into the Abyss’ expansion sounds incredible

While player capsuleers are undoubtedly the most powerful force in EVE Online, there are some pretty scary NPCs lurking in the depths of space. One of those threats has just been unearthed throughout New Eden with the discovery of The Triglavian Collective, an ancient and twisted offshoot of the human race found in tiny pockets of space cut off from the rest of the universe. EVE Online players will soon be able to invade these pockets of Abyssal Deadspace and face the collective in the upcoming “Into the Abyss” expansion coming on May 29th.

At EVE Fanfest 2018, CCP revealed a huge set of interconnected new features revolving around ancient Triglavian ships and Abyssal Deadspace pockets. Players will hunt through these bizarre new environments filled with unpredictable dangers that get more challenging the further you go, and with increased challenge comes some incredible rewards. You’ll find blueprints for powerful Triglavian ships, an incredible new weapon system ominously named the Entropic Disintegrator, and organic mutaplasmids that can transform your existing modules into powerful Abyssal versions.

Read on to find out who the Triglavian Collective are, what the deal is with Abyssal Deadspace, and why the “Into The Abyss” expansion could be incredible for solo PvE players.

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OrbusVR releases its first major content patch with some endgame dungeons

The first big patch for OrbusVR has arrived, and it’s bringing in some endgame dungeons for your delight and/or terror. Technically, this is the first half of the first content patch, but it still delivers the Tradu Crypt and Tradu Lab dungeons. Both feature two new boss fights with involved mechanics, which should be interesting to navigate in the VR space.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a pair of endgame dungeons without appropriate endgame loot, and this patch also introduces the new Tier 5 Epic Loot to the game. It’s only a little bit better than what’s already there, but it’s still an improvement. This goes hand-in-hand with a new loot system that assures players they’ll get at least one drop from a dungeon boss once per day for each dungeon wing, which should make drops a bit easier to pick up. Check out the full patch notes if you want to really pore over the changes; they’re significant.


It’s a key-free weekend in Secret World Legends’ dungeons

Players who like to run dungeons, lairs, and scenarios for loot in Secret World Legends can do so with reckless abandon this weekend — and it won’t cost them a single key. From Thursday, January 25th through Sunday, January 28th, all of the boss loot chests in these instances (and areas for lairs) will be completely free to open. It won’t matter if you open 10 or 110 or more. Now is definitely the time to farm for and hoard that loot! After Sunday, however, regular key mechanics return with each chest requiring a key that is either grated daily as patron benefits or bought with Marks of Favour. Note: The free key weekend does not include the various loot caches dropped by killing mobs throughout the game.

Source: SWL Twitter


Final Fantasy XIV previews the new dungeons for patch 4.2

Dungeons! They’re important. They’re also not really dungeons in the traditional sense, considering that no one is imprisoned in either of the two dungeons Final Fantasy XIV is adding with patch 4.2. One of them is just there because the Scions of the Seventh Dawn need money, you see, because the organization has been losing members and money at a swift rate without any actual income to back it up. So now you’re venturing into Hells’ Lid, which is supposedly home to an ancient oni.

The nature of the game being what it is, that means it is almost certainly home to that ancient oni, and said oni is looking forward to fighting you.

For those interested in advancing the cause of science through dungeoneering, you’ll be happy to know that the hard more of Fractal Continuum is all about exploring these Allagan ruins for the benefits of the Garlond Ironworks. Of course, there are still new ancient weapons stirring deep within the facility that will no doubt require some rather vigorous deactivation, but you were going into a dungeon. You knew what you were getting into.


Citadel: Forged with Fire shows off its upcoming boss dungeons

The next big expansion for Citadel: Forged with Fire is adding… dungeons. With bosses in them. Boss dungeons, if you will. Perhaps it’s not all of that new to those of us who have seen dozens of MMOs with… well, dungeons, but it’s still new to the game, and the latest preview of the patch shows off three of the dungeons coming with the expansion. If you were hoping that each one would feature an elemental theme, you’re in luck!

The Phoenix Spirit Citadel is filled with extra-large sprites (as in the enemy type, not pixelated character art) on the way to the two phoenixes at the heart of the lair. Dragon’s Heart Citadel features… you know, you can probably guess what boss lies at the heart of that one. And the Blood Soul Citadel houses an icy, demonic presence, covering the whole thing in a thick layer of rime. Check out the full preview for more lore, or just peruse the screenshots below.

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Lord of the Rings Online has hit the third wave of testing for its next major patch

Boy, what more do you need to test out the latest Lord of the Rings Online patch on its test server? Do you need an engraved invitation? You’ve gotten several invitations, including with the most recent build, but maybe you’re waiting for an actual engraving. That’s probably not going to happen just based on cost analysis, but the patch has been updated on the test servers once more with fixes for bugs and more adjustments to challenge for the two new dungeons.

Among the changes for this build are the addition of the map for the Dungeons of Naerband, new loot at each boss, and fixes to cage levers in the Dungeons of Naerband specifically. Both dungeons have also undergone some rebalancing to be more appropriate for players, with shadow only present for the level-capped version of the instance. So why not get in there and test the dungeons out? It seems like the thing to do.


Lord of the Rings Online tested Dungeons of Naerband and the Court of Seregost this past weekend

Did you take part in the last dungeon testing on the Lord of the Rings Online test server? If so, you’ll have the context necessary to appreciate all of the changes that have been made to the two new dungeons coming with the next patch. If not… well, maybe you got to try out the Dungeons of Naerband and the Court of Seregost over the weekend. The developers were eager to see how the dungeons feel at level 115 and how everything shakes down with a new balance pass.

“We would particularly appreciate any feedback you may have on the difficulty of the instances at level 115 (tier 1 or tier 2),” wrote SSG. “On Friday evening(9/22), Saturday 9/23, and Sunday 9/24 members of the QA team will be looking for full groups running those instances (in particular the 6-person ‘The Dungeons of Naerband’) and will offer a lotro points code to a randomly selected player from those full groups a few times throughout the day.”

There were, of course, various additional game changes, balance adjustments, tier 11 crafted gear, and new UI options for players to explore, even if they headed to the test server without a full group.


TERA brings a roll of the dungeon dice with its next update on September 12

Good luck with the next dungeon arriving in TERA on September 12th. You’ll need it, because the new Demon’s Wheel dungeon is all about luck. Seriously. You’ll be heading in to deal with the bosses after you find out that people are gambling away everything, and in order to deal with the bosses you’ll fight them… with gambling.

Bandersnatch sends out explosions that require players to know his patterns ahead of time, something that can be determined by talking to the residents of the shantytown for hints. Demoros, meanwhile, is not a boss you can kill; you have to beat him by rolling the dice and collecting coins that rain from above. The dungeon is available for players above item level 423, so get ready to take a chance and hope luck is on your side when you face the new dungeon next week.


The Daily Grind: What’s the worst MMO for doing things as a group?

I have nothing against Guild Wars 2 on a whole, but the group content in that game is a disconnected mess. Dungeons, when I stopped playing, were cluster of people running around and soloing while at the same time maintaining an air of “every man for himself” that makes the whole experience something less than pleasant. I’m sure that there must be more going on once you get into the raiding scene, because the alternative is too depressing to contemplate, but I’m certainly not motivated enough to find out.

But that’s just within my experience. I’ve never really grouped in Blade & Soul, so for all I know it could be better or worse. Heck, the original Guild Wars had its own issues with grouping up and doing stuff for everyone who wasn’t a healer. So today, we ask you: What’s the worst MMO for doing things as a group? Is it one of the examples listed above or something else? And what makes the game so bad for group activities?

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TERA pushes Velik’s Fate live, highlights the challenges of Demokron Factory

Velik’s Fate is live in TERA today, with tier 12 gear and the opening of four rebalanced dungeons (and the closing of a whole bunch more).

“The update is named after a pair of new dungeons featuring an attack on the goddess Velik in her own home. In Velik’s Hold, the players learn of the threat to Velik, and in Velik’s Sanctuary, the players do battle with that threat…with not only Velik’s fate—but the fate of the entire world—at stake.”

It might be hard to believe TERA has been around for five years now, but it’s the truth. As part of the game’s anniversary celebration, it’s showing off all of the dungeons in the game, and that means that the developers want you to descend into the most monster-infested pits of the land for appropriate challenge. First on the list: Demokron Factory, offering improved rewards for players until May 15th.

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Revelation Online invites players to climb the Tower of Pain

There is a place in Revelation Online they call the Tower of Pain. And it’s been the ruin of many an adventuring group, mostly because you’re going into something called the Tower of Pain. What do you think is going to happen in there? Foot rubs?

It’s not foot rubs. It’s pain. The guardians of this tower sealed their very essence into the tower to prevent people from reaching the pinnacle on the eighth floor. The doors to the dang thing only open once every thousand years. And yet you’re probably still going to go in there, because… well, it’s an MMO, there’s a tower full of stuff, that’s what you do.

Of course, the climb up the Tower of Pain will not be the same every time, so you can look forward to shifting layouts and guardians depending on how you clear your way up the tower. You can also look forward to hurting. Again, we cannot stress this enough, it is called the Tower of Pain.


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