Wakfu reduces dungeon rooms for a more streamlined experience


How long are dungeons supposed to be? That’s an eternal debate for every MMO, and it’s a debate that players in Wakfu have been having and will no doubt continue to have. But at least for now, the debate seems to have clear winners in the form of players who want shorter dungeons, as the developers surveyed players and found that the majority wanted a format similar to the Shustuft Crust with just two rooms before the ending.

Not every dungeon in the game has been changed, as the developers have noted some important story dungeons remain in the much longer four-room format, with a significant buff to players who take on the longer dungeons. Some 40% of the game’s dungeons have been ported to the new two-room layout, however, with the two-room format having boss mechanics in the first room to make for an overall more challenging experience. Check out the full dispatch to get a sense of how dungeons are changing in the game; they’re faster in an absolute sense, sure, but that just means a more concentrated challenge.

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