RuneScape improves the quality of life for those who delve into dungeons


The latest update for RuneScape is all about improving the quality of life for players, especially around dungeons. Elite Dungeons in particular have seen a lot of improvements; there’s now a single Elite Dungeon store outside of the entrance to each such dungeon, the ability to teleport between Elite Dungeons, and better loot notifications. But dungeoneering in general is also getting improved, with party message improvements, bigger dungeons for solo dungeoneers, and the option to weave in Elite Dungeons to complete dungeoneering challenges.

Other improvements include an update to the Monster Examine spell, a second hotbar for the Legacy version of the game, and fixes to dig sites. All of this should make the game that much more fun to play, even if it’s not quite the same as a big content update to go along with it. Think of it as incentive to really dive into the content that already exists, but with new eyes. And better rewards.

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