New World offers players guidance on how to navigate the Garden of Genesis

This is not what Ringo was singing about.

The Garden of Genesis is not, as a rule, a place for New World players to have a pleasant and relaxing stroll. It is an expedition full of plant monsters that want to kill you, after all. But you can make it through successfully without too much trouble, and if you’re sitting wondering how to cut a path through the garden? Feast your eyes on a new set of tips and tricks from players and developers on the official site, giving a rundown on the best practices to go in and get out successfully.

DPS players will want to focus on fire and sharp things, while tanks want heavy defenses and healers will want to ramp up their ability to help the team. There’s a rundown of what boss and enemy mechanics to expect and even the best items to grab from the expedition, including a really great healing staff. It’s a good introduction for players new to the game, or even veterans who have consistently struggled with it. (Although it feels like if you never thought “oh, right, plants don’t like fire” beforehand, you may have different problems.)

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