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hello there

By jove, governor, welcome to our town! My names Alphonsius Periwinkle Murder-Stonewort the Seventeenth. Dad was real uncreative. Mom died of scurvy four weeks before I was born. How did that work out? I’m glad you asked! Pick a dialogue option.

  • I hear tell you’re the person to talk to about covering birds in Vaseline and trying to ride them onto the freeway.
  • There are bees in my mouth. Bees. In my mouth. So many bees. I think the stinging is spicy!
  • how do i shot axe
  • Do you ever worry that you’re just repeating yourself? Like, you know you’re a horrible failure who’s a disappointment to everyone who has ever entangled themselves in your life. You aren’t happy about that, but you’ve accepted the fact. But you sometimes wonder if the one thing that you’re good at is just irrelevant, right? How many times can you write incoherent nonsense to start off a column? But you can’t think about that too long because then the darkness creeps in. You realize that you’re good at only one thing, and that one thing isn’t even something you’re all that good at! So what do you do? There’s only one answer. It’s time to burn your car. Sit in it and watch it burn, listen to the crackle and pop, scream, be afraid of what’s about to happen, but know you deserve it.
  • Hey there, pardner, mind if I start up a romance subplot with you in the comments to What Are You Playing?
Editor’s note: Reginald died of scurvy.

Bonus question: Have you ever forgotten something important at a place you visited?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): It’s the second big Pokemon Go Tour weekend, so that’s happening (pray for my joints and waistline). Splatoon 3 also has their single-player DLC out so I’ll probably try to do some of that.

I’m pretty good at remembering my stuff while traveling, it’s just the bringing stuff part that I’m bad at. The only thing I can think of was when I thought I lost a button for an indie game I enjoyed (Citizens of Earth) while visiting Osaka, Japan, only to find it several months later in my family friends’ car when I went back to visit them, and it was right as I was getting on the bus back home.:

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m still in Star Wars Galaxies Legends – been working on my new apartment and touring the upgraded player cities mostly. I’m contemplating finally trying to move into one – a big move for my shop since I’ve been in the same spot for five years. Still thinking about it, but the new city perks are just so good.

I can’t think of anything for the bonus, so I guess the answer is no… which is probably a good thing? But that’s mostly a product of being an obsessive list-maker. Without my lists, I’d forget half of everything.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): Between Helldivers 2 (maybe), Nightingale, and perhaps a bit of Final Fantasy XIV, I’ve got a lot of options on my plate for this weekend. Feel pretty good, y’all.

Bonus: All the time. Mostly it happens when I am on my way out of a grocery store; nine times out of ten I forget the thing that I originally intended to get from the store while walking out with a bunch of things I remembered to get. Besides the thing I was there for to begin with.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): There’s some stuff to do in FFXIV and I’m tempted to go do some classic Final Fantasy VII stuff now that I don’t have to hide what I’ve been reviewing for the past month. (That’s been a thing.) Add in some City of Heroes and it’s a full enough weekend.

I rarely forget things when I head out, but it does happen occasionally, and the worst instance of it was when I forgot that I had loaned a video game to a friend before leaving college… and he moved back out of state. It just wasn’t worth the irritation to get it back. Frustrating, though.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I’ve been working on a new “challenge” run in Lord of the Rings Online with a character who’s doing all the solo quests and deeds in the entire game on a higher difficulty. Apart from that, some more Northern Elsweyr questing in The Elder Scrolls Online and Dragonflight adventures in World of Warcraft should keep me busy.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): Harry Potter Magic Awakened will likely be where most of my MMO time is spent. Although, looks I said in my Fight or Kite column this week, I’ve pulled back a lot. There’s even days where I forget to login near the end of the day to complete my dailies and such. Right now I’ll play while drinking some coffee in the AM but that’s been it.

Bonus: I left my PSP at Disney last year. So sad. I loved my PSP. I still miss it

Tyler Edwards (blog): Pretty much same as last week. Ghosts of New Eden with some Overwatch 2 Cosmic Crisis on the side. Might fit in some New World.

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