Blade & Soul’s Warden’s Fury goes live today, introducing Warden class, Shadowmoor dungeon, and more

Blade and Soul, thoughts are all like butterflies, yeah.
Today, Blade & Soul is receiving its newest content update, Warden’s Fury, which brings with it Act 9 of the game’s main storyline, a new dungeon, balance and system changes, and most importantly, the titular Warden class. The headliner of the update is, of course, the greatsword-wielding Warden, which was the subject of an overview post last week. Warden’s Fury also adds the brand-new Shadowmoor six-player heroic dungeon, where players will face off against the undead pirate captain Mookwan and his crew of scurvy sea-dogs.

In addition to the new content, the update also heralds the beginning of the Way of the Warrior event, which will run from today, September 12th, until October 17th. Each day during the event, players will be tasked with completing certain challenges to earn Fighter’s Fortune chests containing two guaranteed Upgrade Emblem event tokens as well as a shot at more shiny rewards. Players can exchange their hoarded Upgrade Emblems for a variety of cosmetics and gear. And of course, as with any major patch, Warden’s Fury also includes a huge number of general balance adjustments, bug fixes, and systems tweaks. You can check out the official Warden’s Fury trailer after the cut while you wait for the lengthy maintenance to finish up, or head on over to the game’s site to check out the patch notes in all their glory.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Rafael!

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Alright, NCsoft. I find one more bug in this patch and this NCsoft NPC gets it. I mean it!


Well, the servers are still in maintenance so, we must wait another 2 hours or so.

Things are really ramping up though.

For those returning, after a long absence. It isn’t a bad idea to start a new toon even if you prefer not to with the new class. Unlike before, none of the main quests rely on rng and you get everything you need as you go. In the end, you end up with a legendary weapon and great gear. Great enough to start endgame progression without additional farming.

Plus with the Warden event, you will be able to upgrade your legendary gear to almost endgame levels by just running the event!

Seriously, they are doing a great job with this. Basically, for those that want to do it, in a few short weeks, you can be up to speed running the highest level content. Obviously, this is great for veteran players that are mainly interested in adding a Warden to their cadre of toons. But for new players and returning players, this is a great opportunity to get any class up to par and enjoy.

Here, check it out.

Kevin Németh

I have lvl 50 character that I haven’t even touched yet, I might actually give the game a proper try this time around. (Only if I’m having fun, if not well… what’s the point?)

Edit: Though it’s going to take a while to download the game the Ncsoft launcher download speed is super slow (EU), so a fair warning to everyone.
Seems like on average 2.3 MB/s and max 3.0MB/s…


You know. I’m logging in right now to see all the changes, honestly i didn’t log in for over 2 years since it released. Hope i wont get overwhelmed by all the changes till now.

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agemyth 😩

That sword is too big.


I’m guessing she’s a traffic warden. It’s to stop traffic.


No sword is too big for a Lyn though. The devs just won’t let them carry it. :(