Guild Wars 2’s next living world episode, A Star To Guide Us, launches September 18 – here’s the trailer

It’s a bit weird for this to be coming out on a not-Tuesday, but who cares, we’ll take it: ArenaNet just dropped the trailer for Guild Wars 2’s next living world episode. Season 4 Episode 4 is called A Star To Guide Us, and it launches next week. Spoilers if you’re not caught up!

“Hot on the heels of the events of Episode 3, Elona can finally begin rebuilding now that Palawa Joko is gone for good. However, the Commander and the combined forces of Tyria have to grapple with the grave danger Kralkatorrik, who players worked tirelessly to save from Balthazar’s wrath, still poses to the world.”

Expect the new Jahai Bluffs map (“a treacherous landscape branded by Kralkatorrik”), the new Mythwright Gambit raid (“in which players will enter the Mystic Forge and come face to face with the djinn Zommoro”), new upgradeable armor, the legendary scepter Xiuquatl, and Sun’s Refuge, a personal character instance teased earlier this summer that’s basically a throwback reference to Guild Wars Nightfall.┬áLike previous episodes as they roll out, this one is freely playable for all owners of Path of Fire.

Source: Press release
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