Guild Wars 2 turns six with a new video and infographic – and a huge nostalgic tease

It’s birthday day for Guild Wars 2, which means a recappy infographic and trailer, but don’t think it’s just about looking back: In fact, there’s a hint about the next season at the very end of the video, when MikeZ says ArenaNet will “move directly from season 4 into season 5.” The upcoming content will include the usual new maps, gameplay-changing mechanics, raid, and fractal, but what remains in season 4 will also boast Sun’s Refuge, a “personal character instance.” Players of the original Guild Wars will remember this zone as a sort of buildable hub early on in the Nightfall campaign, and it sounds as if we’ll be rebuilding it and stocking it with NPCs and whatnot this time around too.

Make sure you grab your anniversary presents if you haven’t already!

The team’s gathering for an anniversary Twitch stream today at 3 p.m. EDT; in the meantime, you can check out the new video and infographic down below.

Source: Press release
Update: Patch notes for today’s update are also now up; expect plenty of balancing tweaks, per usual. The best part?

“Over 50 useable items, from musical instruments to chairs to kites, can now be added to the wardrobe. Novelty items now have a right-click context menu that will add them to the player’s wardrobe, similar to other item types. View the wardrobe in game to see everything that can be unlocked! Novelties come in four types (Chairs, Musical Instruments, Held Items, and Toys), and one of each type can be slotted for use in the wardrobe, just like selecting different mount skins. A new button has been added to the right side of the skill bar. Like the mount button, right-clicking will let the player select their active Novelty type. Left-clicking activates the item.”

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