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The Daily Grind: What’s the best desert biome in MMOs?

Until I lived in one for a few years in real life, I was not a big fan of the desert - anywhere. Cue...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Secrets of the Obscure has me concerned for Guild Wars 2’s future

If you haven't picked up on it by now, I really like Guild Wars 2. It is my favorite MMORPG of all time and...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Guild Wars 2’s skyscale changes are great

So here's a funny story: I was literally in the middle of writing an article titled "The time to make the skyscale more accessible...

Guild Wars 2 formally announces fourth expansion, Secrets of the Obscure, launching August 22

We hope you liked the Guild Wars 2 expansion name leak because it accurately called the summer expansion: It is indeed Secrets of the...

Guild Wars 2 counts a million new players, touts an expanding studio, and talks up End of Dragons sales

There was an interesting article up on PCGamesN earlier this month proclaiming that Guild Wars 2's isn't a dead game (which you surely know)...

Flameseeker Chronicles: What we learned (and didn’t) from Guild Wars 2’s spring 2023 roadmap

The most nerve-wracking thing about being an MMORPG player is uncertainty. MMO players don't like change, and when a change is teased, many of...

Choose My Adventure: My time inside Guild Wars 2’s dungeons and Elon Riverlands

It was partially a letdown, partially a surprise in my trip through Guild Wars 2 this time around. The objectives were pretty clear: GO...

Steam’s winter sale offers many deep discounts on FFXIV, Elder Scrolls Online, New World and more

If you're not already broke from buying presents this holiday season, why not treat yourself to the annual gamer gluttony that is the Steam...

Choose My Adventure: Going back to Guild Wars 2 basics through Tyria mapping

One of the surefire ways I know that I'm loving a game is when I swing my wallet like a shillelagh at it -...

Massively Overthinking: Changing ‘mains’ in MMOs

When I first started MMOs, the idea of mains and alts was bizarre to me. Why would I spend time on a second character...

Enter to win a Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons code, pin, art booklet, and more!

Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet is gearing up for a big Extra Life charity event this weekend, capped off with a content update that...

The Stream Team: Heading home to continue Guild Wars 2’s personal story

No, she doesn't get distracted at all. Nope. Not at all. Massively OP's MJ already started playing Guild Wars 2 by skipping all the...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Standout moments from 10 years of Guild Wars 2

Time sure flies when you're slaying Elder Dragons, doesn't it? Is it really possible that it has been a decade since our characters first...

One Shots: The rare high-heeled archer

Not being a professional archer in real life nor that experienced with wearing high heels, I can offer only conjecture that the combination offers...

Enter to win a Guild Wars 2 Complete Collection Steam code, courtesy of ANet and MOP

In celebration of the launch of Guild Wars 2 on Steam this week - not to mention the game's 10th birthday! - ArenaNet has...

Guild Wars 2 is finally launching on Steam next week – just in time for its 10th birthday

So you folks remember when Guild Wars 2 was planning to launch on Steam, right? It was originally announced way back in 2020 and...

Flameseeker Chronicles: What could Guild Wars 2’s fourth expansion be about?

Ever since ArenaNet's studio leadership came out early in the year and confirmed that planning has begun on a fourth expansion, players have no...

Guild Wars 2 releases a guide to the basic mounts players can ride across Tyria

Guild Wars 2 has mounts. That's not exactly news to regular players of the game, especially since the feature has been in the MMORPG...

Guild Wars 2 discuss the development of Marjory and Kasmeer in honor of Pride

Guild Wars 2 has a stellar track record when it comes to narrative and representation, so it only makes sense that to commemorate Pride...

The Stream Team: Seeing the start of Guild Wars 2’s new Season 1

Way, way (way!) back when, Massively OP's MJ didn't get very far into the Guild Wars 2 story. Then when Season 1 disappeared, she...