Final Fantasy XIV will launch on Xbox on March 21

There is another shore, you know.

Well, it looks like the beta for Final Fantasy XIV on the Xbox Series X|S is not going to last particularly long after all. A new trailer is out announcing that the game will be available with a full launch on the console starting on March 21st, even as the open beta is currently running. The trailer itself shows highlights of the story all the way from the base game content all the way up to the most recent expansion, Endwalker.

It’s worth noting that the game’s starter edition – which removes the free trial status from one’s account but still requires a subscription and does not contain the most recent expansions – will be available as an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perk through April, so you will have a month to get the base game sans expansion for free. However, it does not say anything about subscription fees, which tacitly confirms the observation that players on the console will need both an Xbox Game Pass subscription and the game’s subscription, unlike other platforms.

Source: YouTube
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