Throne and Liberty finally opens signups for April 10 global beta


Finally, here we go! Amazon and NCsoft announced this afternoon that they’re finally moving forward on Throne & Liberty’s western testing process after truncating it last year and leaving us shrugging our shoulders through the shaky Korean launch.

“We’re excited to announce that we will be inviting players worldwide to explore Solisium in the second cross-play test for Amazon Games, which incorporates key adjustments to player progression, improved combat, removed the previous Technical Test level cap, and opens the in-game auction house experience,” the studios posted today. Do note Amazon is running it, and it does include an NDA.

“The upcoming Closed Beta Test will start on April 10 at 1PM PT (8PM UTC) and run until April 17 at 1PM PT (8PM UTC). Selected players will receive their invitation via email on April 2, and will be provided a code via email on April 4 with further instructions on how to participate. We’re working closely with NCSOFT to take valuable feedback from playtests to ensure THRONE AND LIBERTY is a great experience at launch. […] The Confidential Closed Beta Test will grant players an exclusive look at THRONE AND LIBERTY and explore a world full of depth and verticality, fight large scale bosses, engage in field events, delve into massive dungeons, wage war in epic guild battles for territory and loot, clash in castle sieges and more[.]”

Signups are live on the official site until April 2nd.

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