Albion Online has broken its population record again with 358K concurrent players


Last week we noticed that Albion Online had busted through its peak Steam concurrency numbers, setting a new record for the game on that platform following the launch of Albion Europe. At the time, we noted that Steam was just one of the game’s multiple platforms and that the new Steam concurrency record was a likely indicator that the game had pushed past its last overall peak concurrency record too – 300,000 concurrent – which it set following the launch of last year’s Albion East.

Well, we were right: The isometric PvP sandbox has done it again, with a new peak concurrent figure of 358,000 people. Sandbox Interactive says that a large percentage of daily users right now are playing in the European region, which makes sense as it was marketed not just to EU and MENA players but also as a fresh start server free of the original server’s economic and political baggage.

“Since the launch of Albion Europe on April 29, player numbers in Albion have been soaring. And on May 1, the game passed a new milestone with 350,000 daily active users! […] The previous record across all platforms of 300,000 daily active users came following the launch of Albion Asia in April 2023, but this has now been broken by more than 50,000. This makes the launch of the new server one of the most momentous events in the game’s history, with Albion Europe alone accounting for over 150,000 players daily. On Steam, too, a new peak player count record was set, with over 27,000 concurrent players across all servers.”

Albion Online, which launched all the way back in 2017, has won MOP’s award for best PvP MMORPG for the last three years, and it seems likely to do it again.

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