Fractured adds new playable demon races and cash shop with its May 8th Invasion update


Dynamight Studios formally announced Fractured Online’s next patch last night: Dubbed The Invasion, it heralds the arrival of two new player demon races, specifically blood demons (vampires) and hellfire demons (infernals).

“It’s official: The Invasion, the second major update to Fractured Online since our Early Access launch, will be released on… Wednesday, May 8, at 2pm UTC! […] YES, IT’S DEM DEMONS! (and a lot more),” studio boss Jacopo Gallelli announced in Discord.

The demon races are meant for PvP fans and can’t be good-aligned; each has its own passive and active ability. For now, demon characters will start on the human planet as their own planet, Tartaros, isn’t ready to go live yet (and apparently won’t be live until after the game’s launch), owing to how long it takes the team to get new continents off the ground. “We feel that our time is better spent on introducing new endgame content, polishing the existing content, and adding quality-of-life features,” Gallelli says.

The VIP sub and cash-shop will finally be integrated into the game with this update as well, along with the ability to turn tokens into gold; the devs say it “doesn’t include any pay-to-win element, only convenience. Expect more videos starting next week.

We do have to note that the game has sunk to very low numbers on Steam, though we assume most players aren’t playing through that platform given the game’s history; gamers have also argued that the new token exchange is tantamount to pay-to-win, although it’s roughly in line with games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Albion Online, and EVE Online, so you be the judge.

Source: YouTube, Discord
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