EVE Online puts together a lore-focused informational video about November 14’s Havoc update


EVE Online is starting its march towards November 14th’s Havoc update in one of gaming’s favorite methods: the hype video. That said, the newest piece of footage out of CCP Games is more about lore and design and less about sizzle reel, so maybe it’s not quite so hype. Especially for those who don’t give one whit about the spaceship sandbox’s overall narrative.

Be that as it may, the video from last week offers a bit more context about Zarzakh and the Deathless faction from several EVE devs, who talk about the Jovian story arc, expanding on pirate factions, and designing the update’s associated locations and soundscape. For those who are interested in finding out more about the creation of this update’s lore and some of the things that go along with that, the video awaits below. If you’d prefer more details about Havoc itself, make sure to Brendan’s breakdown from his visit to Fanfest.

In other EVE news, the sandbox’s Community Beat newsletter has information about in-game and real-life community events like Evienna on October 28th, EVE Manchester on November 11th, and an in-game faction war face-off event on December 16th, as well as highlights of community resources, fan art, and player-made alliance logos.

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