Past Fate’s alpha refines combat, brings new cooking recipes, and celebrates Halloween


While testing of Past Fate may be closed up once more after its July open alpha weekend, that doesn’t mean people can’t keep up with the sandbox MMORPG’s progress. As ever, Icy North Games has been posting patch notes for the closed alpha, and this latest one has another gaggle of features for invested or interested fans.

Leading things off is refinement of combat in order to make it feel “less like turn-based attacks”: One-handed weapons are much faster now, with less animation lock, while two-handed weapons have a slight animation lock change but still should feel appropriately heavy. For those who like to cook instead of fight, the update has also added new cooking recipes, while the studio promises further refinements to cooking and alchemy in future patches.

Finally, the sandbox is marking the Halloween season with the return of the Messengers of All Hallows’ Eve. These seasonal NPCs can be found at the market square in Newharbor and will bring the pumpkin-y goodness between now and November 6th.

source: Steam
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