CCP restructures EVE Online’s CSM, giving two seats to the studio’s picks


The process of forming the 18th Council of Stellar Management that’s intended to represent EVE Online players is about to begin. CCP Games has posted an announcement that offers important dates, useful details, and some overall updates to this year’s group.

We begin with the dates: Candidate submissions will open between August 1st and 15th, while applications will be processed between August 2nd and 18th. After that, candidates will be announced on the 23rd, which kicks off the campaigning period that runs until September 3rd. Voting for candidates will then run from September 4th through the 11th, and then the members named to CSM 18 will be announced live at Fanfest on September 21st.

The other important point for this year’s CSM is that there will now be 12 members instead of the usual 10. The first 10 members will be part of the voting and campaign pool as per usual, but two additional members will be named by CCP Games from the candidates who finished in the 11th to 20th positions. CCP states that these two extra members will be selected based on the studio’s extended development plans for EVE and promises that there will be no distinction made between the 10 elected and two appointed members of the CSM.

For those who want to put their names into the hat for this upcoming CSM journey, there are multiple steps that must be completed, all of which are outlined at the bottom of the announcement.

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