Elder Scrolls Online begins its Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration event today

And again.

The dark delves of Skyrim await in The Elder Scrolls Online, and it’s up to brave adventurers like you to face off aga–oh, wait, you’ve already been to Skyrim? Why not come back for some goodies then? Don’t you want these shiny rewards? Because that’s what’s being offered with today’s Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration event.

As reported previously, this is another event centered around clearing out content in specific zones, primarily with a focus on western Skyrim and the Reach areas. Players have quests to complete, goodie boxes to unlock, and event tickets to reel in for additional rewards at the Impresario’s shop.

The celebration is on now and will keep on running until Tuesday, November 29th, so even if you’ve visited these lands before, there’s perhaps a little more incentive to come back.

source: Twitter
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