World of Warcraft’s Morgan Day addresses class tuning and design for Dragonflight

Technically, anyhow

Everything's on fire.

Class tuning in World of Warcraft is something that has been argued about basically since the game first launched and continues to be debated, so it’s probably not surprising that Wowhead’s interview with Blizzard associate game director Morgan Day is a bit vague on the specifics. Some of his answers even outright dodge the question, like his lengthy response to questions about the reduction in class buffs that somehow avoids coming to any sort of conclusion. But there is definitely some meat there, like when he discusses whether there are any plans for changes to abilities on the GCD:

That’s something where we’re constantly evaluating what the options are there, based on player feedback, based on just how does it feel to play the class, but ultimately we want a GCD to feel worth it, we want it to feel good when you push the button, and we also want to make sure that there is an element of tactical choice as you’re playing through your rotation and planning out kind of a few steps ahead of you. No changes to those for Dragonflight, at least that I’m aware of, but that’s not to say that the door is closed forever on those.

Day also explains that while the team expects to continue making both tuning changes and larger changes to talent trees through the expansion, players should expect tuning in smaller patches while actual changes to talents are reserved for periods between content seasons to avoid disrupting content mid-stream. Check out the full interview for some further discussion of the system changes as well as how affixes are decided upon and what players can expect for tanking threat adjustments.

Source: Wowhead
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