Palia runs a short weekend ‘player lab’ with a fresh batch of testers


It’s been a fairly quiet year for the in-development Palia, as the cozy life sim MMO wrapped up two rounds of alpha testing but has otherwise stayed on the down low. It doesn’t sound as if Singularity Six is going to make any big imminent announcements for the new year quite yet, but the studio did say that it’s running a short weekend test starting today with a fresh group of players.

“Before we start settling in for the holiday break, we wanted to have one more chance to get those precious first impressions of the updates and polish we’ve implemented since our last alpha tests,” the studio reported. “Small scale playtests like this will be a quick check-in on the improvements we’ve made to affirm that our changes are on the right track.”

The focus of the “player lab,” as the studio calls it, is to focus on the first hour of gameplay and onboarding. Singularity Six encouraged fans to “hang tight” on word of the next big playtest phase.

Source: Palia
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