Myth of Empires’ epic new trailer teases biomes, building construction, and warfare


Having put its legal quibbles with Studio Wildcard and Smilegate behind it, strategy-sandbox MMO Myth of Empires is heading to its launch this month as planned. This morning, Angela Game dropped a new trailer for the game that shows off everything from its diversity of biomes and construction to farming and siege weaponry. Even the music is good enough to get this on your radar.

“This trailer gives an exciting glimpse into the new Dongzhou Island map, which will be featured alongside the original map players experienced during the game’s Early Access period,” the team says. “The new map is home to volcanoes, picturesque isles, sandy shores, icy glaciers, and bamboo forests, while also immersing players in the realistic day-night cycle, diverse ecosystems, and varied cultures of NPCs[.]”

“Myth of Empires Version 1.0 also features a wealth of new gameplay, including warships, hang gliders, flying lanterns, richer battlefield options, item recipes, new methods of taming animals, musical instruments, new private server modes, modding, and more. In addition, the trailer hints at new civilizations to be added to the game in the future.”

The video is down below to whet your appetite for the February 21st 1.0 release.

Do note that Angela Game is encouraging gamers who picked the game up on the official site to migrate to Steam:

Source: Press release
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