ARK Survival Ascended rolls back latest update, which was eating players items on official servers

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When you’re playing ARK: Survival Ascended, you expect things to be hungry: your tamed pets, the dinosaurs roaming the wilds, your character – you basically don’t expect the game build to be ravenous. Unfortunately that appears to be precisely what has happened with a recent patch to the survival sandbox, which then had to be rolled back on the official network.

The update in question is a beefy one for the game’s burgeoning modding community, with a focus on dev kit updates and the first portion of a streamlined custom cosmetics delivery system. Deployment of the patch was scheduled for last Wednesday, but was pushed back then delayed as a result of a “hiccup.” A day after the build went live, Studio Wildcard took down the official network to investigate reports of lost items, followed shortly by the aforementioned build rollback.

As of this writing, there is no ETA on when the patch will return to official servers, but Wildcard extended the weekend evolution event rates to triple their value while the studio looks into the matter. The weekly newsletter otherwise calls attention to an upcoming Gigantoraptor, highlights several mods including a TCM featuring the now public domain Steamboat Willie, and details the rewards awaiting in the Love Evolved Valentine’s event that will run from February 13th through the 20th on official servers. Assuming things get fixed by then, anyway.

sources: press release, Twitter (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), official site
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