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A Black Desert node war bug dumped quadrillions of silver into the North American servers

Protip: If your Black Desert guild mysteriously manages to pull quadrillions of silver in tax from the guild incentive system, maybe just log...
Shoulder touch.

World of Warcraft is encountering some major bugs on Macs following patch 8.3

So it turns out that ever since the arrival of patch 8.3, World of Warcraft players on Macs have had the potential to experience...

A teenage CS:GO player has developed an AI that has successfully found 14,000 cheaters

While cheaters may never prosper, they also have a tendency to proliferate if not kept in check (and even sometimes when companies do try...

Fallen Earth solves the mystery of the vanishing character select screen

You have to simultaneously feel bad for and cheer on Little Orbit, which has taken on the creaky code mess that is Fallen...

TERA is rolling back all progress since yesterday’s patch thanks to a nasty economy exploit

Yesterday's TERA Skywatch: New Heights update brought along a bit more than En Masse bargained for, and now the servers will see...
oh the pain, the pain

Legends of Aria is working to fix a nasty bug putting player homes into foreclosure

If you thought you were coming to virtual worlds to avoid the stresses of real life - like, say, paying off your mortgage -...
hnn... colonel

There’s far too much hitbox around Pathfinder in Apex Legends

Hitboxes are tricky things in any sort of competitive game. Broadly speaking, hitboxes are the spaces around a character that can be hit by...

Bethsoft says it’s working on addressing Fallout 76’s many bugs, including the nastier exploits

I'm surprising no one by saying that Fallout 76's beta thus far has been a mess. We've seen report after report...

Fallout 76 still has lots of fun hacks that are being tracked down

What do you get when you combine a company legendary for its ability to release buggy or unpolished games and an online game with...

That Fallout 76 speedhack ‘won’t be out until the game launches,’ Bethsoft says

For a while now, it's been pretty common practice among PC gamers to edit a game's .ini file in order to make tweaks to...
Such a compelling narrative of 'gun'

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds addresses ongoing matchmaking problems

Matchmaking in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is, not to put too fine a point on it, completely screwed at the moment. The patch designed to...
Oh, sure why not.

Gloria Victis trims up performance issues while planning for siege weapons and workshops

Performance is both an important part of any online game and also kind of boring to play around with. So it is a very...

Economy-breaking Old School RuneScape bug results in unprecedented server rollback

Old School RuneScape had a bit of a hiccup this week as the game was suddenly taken offline to allow Jagex to...

Conan Exiles patch brings gamebreaking bugs, causes community uproar

It seems there's been a bit of a hubbub surrounding the latest patch for Conan Exiles. It all started a few days ago,...
There are some gearing issues in GW2, but those are... different issues, let's leave it there.

Guild Wars 2 deals with disconnections and progress-killing bugs for its latest episode

Finally! You can play the newest episode of Guild Wars 2's Living Story! And by "play" we of course mean "attempt to...

Players rage over the bots and hacks still allegedly plaguing Black Desert

Frustration and rage is bubbling over on the Black Desert forums, where players are venting about the ongoing issues of botting and...
My God, it's full of nonsense.

EverQuest boss bug bottlenecks progression servers

A nasty bug on EverQuest's progression servers has kept players from completing an expansion boss for over a year now, with bug...

Roblox botches Ready Player One Easter egg hunt

A one-of-a-kind movie tie-in with the recently released Ready Player One put the popular game platform Roblox in the hot seat with...

GDC 2018: How to get exploiters to happily surrender in EVE Online

EVE Online is not known for being a happy place. It's shown even in mass media as a cutthroat world of war and...

Guild Wars 2 takes action against PvP match manipulation

Even if you're a winner you could be still be a loser in Guild Wars 2 -- if you cheat. ArenaNet announced that...