Crema Games says it is ‘still working on Temtem’ following Temtem Swarm backlash

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If you’re just a wee bit anxious about Temtem these days, what with a new spinoff being announced after the last spinoff didn’t work, the good news is that the original Kickstarted MMO isn’t being abandoned – although given the events of this week, you’d be forgiven for wondering whether it had.

Crema CEO Enrique Paños Montoya unwittingly ignited another firestorm in the Temtem community this week as he posted a long missive on Discord, which was then circulated on Reddit, all in response to angry feedback over the new game and the fear that Temtem is in trouble. It was a reasonable fear, given Crema’s past admissions that Temtem isn’t financially sustainable as it is, in part because it has no sub. Here’s just one chunk of it:

“In our journey with Early Access, we learned how much it costs to make an island and new Temtem, how many people it brings back, and how many it retains. We have already explained many times that it is not feasible to continue. If you really want Temtem franchise to live on and more games to be made, be it spin-offs or Temtem 2, what you would really ask for is for us to stop improving Temtem 1 and start working on something new. As of now, we are improving Temtem 1 just for you, even if it never seems enough. […] Temtem is still being updated, Temtem is still being improved, but we can’t give you what you want at the pace you want, or exactly what you want (not in this game). Temtem has delivered what it promised and a little more. And I understand that you may not like the final result, but you have to understand that it is not feasible to create infinite content or change the foundations of the game itself.”

The way the message came across – to players and to press that picked it up – was that Temtem’s development was drawing to a close, which caused even more uproar in the community and prompted Crema to issue yet another statement to GamesRadar.

“We’ve found there might be a little misunderstanding,” the studio now says. “We are still working on Temtem, it will receive more updates as we are still working on the game. Temtem: Swarm, our latest announcement, is being co-developed with GGTech. We just want to make sure it’s clear that Crema is working on both projects at the same time. We haven’t stop focusing on Temtem.”

As it happens, Crema did just deliver a small patch for the MMO you Kickstarted. It’s actually mostly a balance and fix patch, so if you want to read through a lengthy page of fixes, it will delight you, but if you were hoping for new content, you will be disappointed. On the plus side, the changes do include fixes to issues with replays, and you can now swap TemCards for 400 feathers instead of 250 LumaDrops.

Source: Discord, Reddit, GamesRadar, Official Site. Cheers, Xanward!
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