EVE Online has suffered chat outages all week (and they’re still happening)

Winter in space, Friday in California

Hello, EVE Online? It’s us, your friends and family. We’re knocking on your door because we just want to talk… but no one can talk to you. Wait, that’s not quite right; no one can talk in you because you’ve been having chat issues all week. CCP’s thread explaining the issue is maddeningly vague, although it’s probably difficult to explain exactly what is happening behind the scenes and it only matters insofar as “chat no worky right now.”

Veteran EVE Online players will remember that this isn’t the first time the game has had chat issues ever since chat was first made an independent service. The most recent outage appears to have been resolved for chat as of the time of this writing, but the ongoing issues make it seem as if it’s more a matter of when something will go wrong instead of if. Our condolences to the players just trying to chat with their friends… and, of course, the technicians working on the back end on Friday night trying to figure out why chat no worky right now and how to make chat worky again.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Wilhelm for the tip!
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