Riot names A. Dylan Jadeja as its new CEO, taking over the company by by the end of 2023

Former CEO Niolo Laurent will remain in an advisory role

Wow, awesome. So great.

Out with the old, in with the… actually not really all that much newer. That’s the process that can be ascribed to the change in leadership over at Riot Games, with CEO Nicolo Laurent announcing that he will vacate that role and hand it over to A. Dylan Jadeja. Jadeja currently serves as the studio’s global president. Laurent will remain with Riot afterwards in an advisory role, with additional details to come as the handoff is finalized.

Both men included a letter to the community and the team at the studio, with Laurent stating that he will be spending more time with his family and welcomes the change in leadership direction. Jadeja, meanwhile, asserts that he feels a deep connection to Riot Games and looks forward to improving the company even though he will do some things differently than his predecessor. It’s fairly standard messaging if you’ve gotten used to any company changing its CEOs, but at least no one tried to insert a forced video game reference in there about how Laurent needs to stop feeding or buying wallhacks or whatever.

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