RIFT runs Shiny Shenanigans event with ocular surgery [Updated]


The tenacious existence of RIFT continues despite all odds, as Gamigo activated a short-duration┬áShiny Shenanigans event this week. From now through May 14th, players can hunt down shinies and use them to change their eyes. Because who doesn’t love messing with one’s own eyeballs?

[AL:Rift]”Throughout Telara you will find Artifact Pi├▒atas,” said the studio. “Hunt them and you can receive artifact sets that unlock Artifact Eyes. They are special cosmetic abilities that make your eyes glow! Each artifact set unlocks another shiny color!”

This event comes just a week after RIFT’s parent company MGI released a financial report saying how the company is downsizing and eliminating MMORPGs from its games profile. Back in February, we saw some odd movement with RIFT involving Steam links and a promotion, prompting players to wonder just what Gamigo is up to.

Source: RIFT
Apparently Gamigo just canceled it. So much for that!

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