A teenage CS:GO player has developed an AI that has successfully found 14,000 cheaters


While cheaters may never prosper, they also have a tendency to proliferate if not kept in check (and even sometimes when companies do try to keep them in check). One player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a teenager by the name of 2Eggs, is doing his part with the use of a homebrewed AI that apparently has an extremely successful catch rate.

The AI is called HestiaNet, which reviews Overwatch video footage and uses a database that draws from demos going as far back as 2015 to isolate normal behaviors from suspicious ones. Once HestiaNet identifies a cheater, it stores that player’s SteamID in a database, which is then occasionally reviewed to check for other bans. If a ban is handed out, HestiaNet updates its database, which means the more cheaters it finds, the more accurate it gets.

And it apparently is extremely accurate: According to numbers from the source report and tweeted by 2Eggs himself, HestiaNet has successfully helped ban 15,104 players out of 15,356 analyzed cases — a catch rate of 98.36%.

2Eggs is no stranger to being a force for good in the CS:GO community and gaming in general; last month he was awarded over $11,000 for helping Valve identify bugs and security risks, and he’s also responsible for pulling together ban databases for FACEIT and Minerva. “I want HestiaNet to heal over the games infestation and to get rid of as many cheaters as possible. To many of us in the community, CS:GO is a home, and Hestia is also the protector of the house,” says 2Eggs.

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