There’s far too much hitbox around Pathfinder in Apex Legends

hnn... colonel

Hitboxes are tricky things in any sort of competitive game. Broadly speaking, hitboxes are the spaces around a character that can be hit by attacks (or hazards or whatever). Problems arise, however, when a character’s hitbox doesn’t line up with what you see on-screen… which brings up the problem of Pathfinder in Apex Legends, who appears to have far too much hitbox and is thus easier to hit than the model would imply.

The extra space has the deleterious effect of making the fast and agile character easier to hit, and also just feels weird (if you can see that you’re shooting at open air and still scoring hits, the game doesn’t feel right). Developers have stated that they’re aware of the issue and are looking into it, but there are no announcements about it just yet, which means that Pathfinder players will probably need to endure outsized hitboxes for a little bit longer.

Meanwhile, players have uncovered nearly a dozen new hero names listed in the game’s files, which would more than double the game’s current roster. So on the bright side, perhaps your options for “quick and agile” will spread out significantly sooner rather than later.

Source: VG24/7, Forbes

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Jesse Schulkers

I don’t personally see the problem with Pathfinders hitbox. I play him quite a lot. Robot boy is my favorite on the roster. He has some great mobility and as hes a character who can be whipping around you extremely fast I’m not sure nerfing his hitbox is a good idea. Making him even harder to hit than he already is…


There’s really no point in playing fat characters, their hitboxes are just too damn big and you’ll get shot up easier than smaller characters like Wraith.

So hardly anybody plays Caustic, Gibraltar, and sometimes Pathfinder.

I think a solution would be to copy Rainbows Six Siege’s armor damage resistance systems. So Wraith would have lvl 1 armor, but Gibraltar would have lvl 3 armor.

Adam tecnavia

unlike alot of launch issues, this is something that can/SHOULD have been found by beta. Which leads me to think you can’t really depend on the dev team there to do stuff right, since they obviously lack the time/resources to address basic things like this.

Bryan Correll

I’ve got a pretty big hitbox myself. :-(


A classic meme get s a little love. Ha! Hadn’t seen that one in a while.

IronSalamander8 .

Paladins has this too, at least to agree, they’re cylindrical hit boxes so some of the empty air around your model can be shot for damage.

WoT had really carefully modeled hitboxes as they also have weak points they have to simulate (driver’s hatch, cupolas, etc.) so they had to be really careful with those in that game as it also counts not just armor thickness and sloping but also allowing ‘side scraping’ to work (that’s where you angle your tank at an extreme degree so that your opponent has to shoot almost parallel to your tank’s length and therefore will bounce off a lot), I used that on my Maus all the time.