300,000 people took part in the Xbox One betas for Black Desert, Pearl Abyss previews roadmap


My guess is that most of our readers are already plenty familiar with Black Desert, being as it’s still the newest of the large recently launched titles from the last few years. But if not, you ought to give over a few minutes to watching the latest video from Pearl Abyss. While it’s specifically meant to recap the beta rounds that have run this past winter, it’s also a quick peek into how the game plays on console and how it looks period, even with gobs of players on the screen and horses stampeding all around.

PA, incidentally, says in the video that 300,000 people took part in those betas, which is not too shabby at all, given that the testing was linked to preorder purchases. Last week, the studio ran down all the bugs it expects to have fixed before the launch gates open a week from today, though preorder folks will get in early on March 1st.

As for what they’ll find when they get there? It looks like an accelerated version of what BDO for PC got when it ported westward (which was already an accelerated version of what the Korean players saw). According to a snap lifted from the latest dev stream, the team is planning on rolling out Mediah, Valencia, and Kamasylvia just in the next four months. That’s gonna be a wild ride folks!

Source: Twitter
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