Fallen Earth solves the mystery of the vanishing character select screen


You have to simultaneously feel bad for and cheer on Little Orbit, which has taken on the creaky code mess that is Fallen Earth and is attempting to bring it up to spec, piece by piece. Of course, it’s not going to be a smooth transition as the past couple of months have born out.

Back in May, the team moved the game’s hosting to a new facility, which seemed to trigger several issues including a character select screen not showing up for players. That seems kind of critical, you know? The good news is that Little Orbit seems to have figured out what was causing some of these issues and updated the game with a fix to address them yesterday.

“I wont go into the technical details, but it appears that when moving servers, one of the core libraries was left linking to the OS version,” said CEO Matt Scott. “There was a slight difference in OS compared to where the servers were hosted. After fixing this issue, we did notice another significant improvement in performance. My hope is this will help clear up the character select and lag issues.”

Source: Fallen Earth
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I have much love for this game. I feel guilty for only visiting it in bursts.


I’ve subbed my account to show my support, but kind of waiting till they fix things up before starting playing again

Bruno Brito

Best of luck to LO. Matt can’t seem to catch a break with this game.