Bethsoft says it’s working on addressing Fallout 76’s many bugs, including the nastier exploits


I’m surprising no one by saying that Fallout 76’s beta thus far has been a mess. We’ve seen report after report on the bugs and cheats and hacks in the test, many of which go far beyond the mere bugs that Bethsoft originally warned everyone about and definitely tread into “spectacular issues” territory, especially given that the beta won’t be wiped before launch.

Anyhoo, Bethsoft presented itself to Reddit this morning to outline exactly what it’s working on right now. That includes support for 21:9 resolution view, the a much bigger stash size, hunger satiation issues, grouping bugs, and obnoxiously loud gunshot sound effects. Notably, push-to-talk voice chat and field-of-view sliders have been something players keep asking for; the former is on the agenda “in the future,” but the latter isn’t happening. And as for the cheat problem?

“Many exploits we’ve seen reported have been known and will be addressed in a future update.”

That’s, uh, it.

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